Welcome to the DIVINESHI INTERNATIONAL wholly owned by The Divineshi Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd which is following cosmetic manufacturers comply with GMP requirements according to the ASEAN Guidelines for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice covering ASEAN and international markets.

Divineshi International products are manufacturing by The Divineshi Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. We are using natural ingredients and approve by Ministry of Health Malaysia.
You’ll never have to WORRIED about Mercury, Toxic Chemicals, Side Effects, Harsh Chemicals and Paraben.

Our commitment is to enable our customers and dealers to grow and prosper through the development by supplying the best of our high-quality beauty products with great reputation, meet highest quality standards, reliability, trust, service and support for quality works to succeed in the skin care industry to meet the demand as well as gives a great satisfaction to the consumers.

Customer's satisfaction is our main objective. To be the market leader in developing great products and effective solutions that work to meet the demands of skin care products around the world.

We are expert and professional OEM, ODM, - GMP AND HALAL CERTIFIED cosmetics one-stop Manufacturer Skincare and Cosmetic Products

Why You Should Choose Us?
We create formulas, manufacture final products, design your brands, labels & packaging, provide consultation & regulatory services and ship internationally.

One Stop Centre
We Are DIRECT Manufacturer, We’re Not a Broker or an Agent. We Do Our Own Research & Development (R&D), Manufacturing, Packaging All in Our Own Facility.

Reliable & Safe
We Only Utilise 100% High Quality Natural Ingredients That Have Global Certifications. We Guarantee You Non-Chemical Products That Are Safe & Hazard Free for End Users.

Free Consultation
Get Free Marketing & Branding Consultation from Us. We Have the Experience in Dealing with Both Overseas and Domestic Customers.

We sincerely welcome people from all over the world to do business with us and become our friends!

If you need to get in contact with us, kindly feel free to WhatsApp at: +6014 624 5555 / +6016 914 5555 or

alternatively can email us at: chairman@divineshiinternational.com

I send you my best regards,

1. Founder and Chairman - The Divineshi Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd
2. Founder and President - The Malaysian Cosmetic Manufacturers Association.